Monastery’s Saints

The Monastery of Karakallou can boast about two of her brothers who have been accounted worthy to enter the choir of the Saints:

The new monk-martyr Gedeon (December 30) lived a strict ascetic life for 35 years in the monastery and was thereafter slain by the Turks in 1818 in the town of Tyrnavos (where he is the protector and patron) because he refused to renounce his Christian faith. Saint Gedeon had his feet and hands cut off by an axe and subsequently died of hemorrhage. Just before his martyrdom he prophesied the forthcoming collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Many miracles followed his martyrdom. Parts of his precious relics are reverently kept in the Monastery.

Saint Gervasios, the fool-for-Christ (October 14) was clad in rags and lead an ascetic and elusive life in the dense forests surrounding the monastery. His sanctity was revealed after his death by the heavenly fragrance that was being emitted by his relics. He reposed at the beginning of the 18th century.

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Martyrdom of St. Gedeon. Composition of details.