Abbot’s Prologue

Prologue by Archimandrite Philotheos,
Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Karakallou

By the grace of God through which every good work is brought to fruition, we have the joy and satisfaction of introducing this present volume after so many years of planning and striving on the part of the Fathers and friends of our sacred brotherhood. We consider the timing of this present publication to be especially significant, as it coincides with the completion of one thousand years of unbroken coenobitic life in our sacred monastery.

Across the ages, the needs of the liturgical life, a deep sense of reverence, and the love of beauty in our holy community have bequeathed an inheritance rich with the treasures of faith (works of ecclesiastical art, holy vestments, precious manuscripts, ancient and more recent printed works, objects of folklore, etc) which not only are sacred artifacts of the Church, but also simultaneously form our national and global cultural heritage.

It is noteworthy that the present edition was realized during a time that happens to be marked by a serious crisis at a national and global level, for  this publication demonstrates that spiritual and artistic creations are not impeded by inauspicious situations and that the works of culture never cease even under the most adverse conditions – for it is especially at such times that the soul needs to be able to express itself, both spiritually and culturally…

(Excerpt from the volume’s prologue)

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